Toilet Paper – We can connect the dots on this one…  During the COVID-19 epidemic, nobody wanted to run out of those precious rolls of fluffy goodness.

Lysol Wipes – Makes sense… everybody wants to stay clean and safe during COVID-19, and those little wipes are so convenient!

FIREWORKS – Didn’t see this one coming!  Who knew fireworks would be next on the COVID-19 essentials list?!  While we were expecting a busy Canada Day with fireworks, retailers are reporting UNBELIEVABLE sales in their fireworks departments, with results WELL in excess of Canada 150.

We’re guessing that your fireworks section is looking a little bare after the Canada Day rush?  

Top up NOW to guarantee delivery before August Long weekend!  The summer is still young – why not capitalize on those “high-margin” summertime sales?!  Even though Canada Day has come and gone, it’s absolutely critical to maintain the selection, variety, and quantity of fireworks that your customers have come to expect – especially with this year’s BOOMING fireworks demand!

With COVID-19, your customers WANT to blow off some steam, and they EXPECT you to have a good selection of fireworks in-store.

All we ask for is your patience… we literally have 4000 retailers across the country who need stock ASAP!  Replenishment orders will be filled and shipped at the earliest possible opportunity.

We’ll be in touch to follow up on your sales shortly, but if you require an urgent top-up, feel free to contact Mission Control at 1-866-827-4765 today!  Better yet, log on to our DataPort Customer Portal, order online, and jump the queue with EXPEDITED SHIPPING!


Looking to place a fireworks top-up while sipping your morning coffee?  DataPort, our Online Customer Portal, allows you to place your fireworks order whenever – and from wherever – it’s convenient for you!

BEST OF ALL… when ordering on DataPort, there is no telephone tag or email delay – your order is placed instantly, receiving PRIORITY SHIPPING.

With one simple login to DataPort, every BLAST-OFF Fireworks client has the ability to:

  • Place online orders.
  • Review BLAST-OFF account balances at a glance.
  • Contact Account Representatives with the click of a mouse.
  • Review order history.
  • Duplicate previous orders.
  • Access exclusive Client Toolbox™ learning tools and downloadable content.
  • Submit AutoPilot™ on-hand inventory quantities.
  • Print Account Statements.
  • Pay outstanding invoices using Visa or MasterCard (subject to account approval).

Need help accessing your DataPort account? Contact BLAST-OFF Fireworks toll-free at 1-866-827-4765.


Canada Day was amazing… now it’s time to think ahead to the August Long Weekend.  Book now, to avoid the rush!  Early orders will receive priority shipping!

Below, please find our August Long Weekend order deadlines for “Guaranteed Delivery” across the country.  While we will gladly process and expedite any orders placed after these dates, we cannot guarantee order delivery of late orders before the long weekend:

  • British Columbia: July 21
  • Alberta: July 23
  • Saskatchewan: July 24
  • Manitoba: July 24
  • Ontario: July 22
  • Quebec: July 22
  • Eastern Canada: July 20
  • Newfoundland: July 14
  • Northern Canada: July 15

Please note that rural / remote destinations should add 1-5 additional days for “beyond point transportation”.

For more information on delivery lead-times across the country, click here.

Remember, if you require assistance in placing your top-up fireworks order, Mission Control is just a quick phone call away at 1-866-827-4765!


A new shipment of Family Packs has arrived at our Distribution Centre, just in time for your post-Canada Day top-up!

Looking to keep your fireworks selection fresh and exciting as we head towards August Long Weekend?  Why not try a few of these new arrivals:

  • Atomic Bang ($29.99) – Perfect backyard assortment!  Floral shells, fountains, novelties, and other fireworks!
  • Super Hero ($39.99) – Be a fireworks super hero with this assortment of roman candles, floral shells, fountains, and more!
  • Prospector ($45.99) – Strike it rich with this assortment of family fireworks! Perfect display for the backyard!
  • Wild Thing ($64.99) – Go wild with this collection of roman candles, floral shells, and a finale cake!
  • Ares ($69.99) – Great mid-range assortment of roman candles, floral shells, and 2 finale cakes!
  • Apocalypse ($69.99) – This assortment of florals, roman candles and finale cakes is out of this world!
  • Love at First Light ($74.99) – Fall in love with this great assortment of fireworks favorites, including a finale cake!
  • Super Nova ($89.99) – This explosive assortment contains all the essentials, including floral shells, a barrage, and 2 cakes!
  • Angry Bomb Box ($99.99) – No need to be angry… this assortment contains all the essentials, including sound shells, fountains, roman candles, and more!
  • Meteor Shower ($124.99) – Dazzling assortment of roman candles, barrages, florals and 2 large finale cakes!
  • Zeus ($149.99) – Be a fireworks God with this collection of large roman candles, floral shells, sound shells, and 2 cakes!
  • Strike it Rich ($204.99) – Hit the jackpot with this large assortment of fireworks items! Includes three finale cakes!

These Family Packs are available for a limited-time only, and will be offered on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Don’t miss out – place your order today!


Looking to add some fun to your August Long Weekend fireworks selection?  Why not add a couple of these proven “summer favorites” to your next order:


The Canadian Retail Industry continues to be one of the most closely-knit groups of collaborating entrepreneurs in Canada.

BLAST-OFF! takes pride in being the most proactive and innovative fireworks company in Canada. From our “Guaranteed Sale” terms to our Loan-A-Cabinet™ Fixture Leasing Program, BLAST-OFF! Fireworks continues to develop the products, services, and educational materials to allow retailers to maximize category profitability.

Do you know of somebody that BLAST-OFF! Fireworks could help??

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There are no limits to the BLAST-OFF! Client Referral program… refer and be rewarded at your convenience!

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