Your calendar might say “August”, but there is still plenty of summer left!  With beautiful weather forecast as we progress through this month, we’re headed for a spectacular September Long Weekend!

COVID-19 has forced everyone into the backyard this summer, and between back-to-school parties and last-minute backyard barbeques, fireworks are guaranteed to be a “hit” this September Long!

September Long Weekend runs from September 4th through September 7th – here are our order deadlines for “Guaranteed Delivery” across Canada:

  • British Columbia: August 27
  • Alberta: August 27
  • Saskatchewan: August 31
  • Manitoba: August 31
  • Ontario: August 27
  • Quebec: August 26
  • Eastern Canada: August 25
  • Newfoundland: ORDER NOW!
  • Northern Canada: ORDER NOW!

Should you require assistance in placing a top-up order, feel free to contact Mission Control at 1-866-827-4765.  Better yet…log into DataPort to place your order online THIS WEEKEND and receive priority shipping on MONDAY!


Send summer out with a BANG!

With everything that we’ve been through in 2020, your customers will be looking to send summer packing with one, final hurrah!  We’re expecting September Long Weekend to be busier than normal, as fireworks are guaranteed to be a part of any backyard celebration.

Looking into the fall, here’s a snapshot of upcoming “Key Selling Dates” for your fireworks category:

  • Labour Day – September 7
  • Thanksgiving – October 12
  • Halloween – October 31
  • Diwali – November 14
  • New Year’s Eve – December 31

Have the best selection of fireworks in town… Top up NOW!  With our 100% Guaranteed Sale, money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose – if your inventory doesn’t sell to your satisfaction, simply return it for a FULL REFUND at your discretion!

Contact Mission Control at 1-866-827-4765 to place your fireworks order today!


Check out these HOT new arrivals… just in time for your September Long Weekend fireworks order!

Here is a recap of ALL of our in-stock 2020 new arrivals:

Keep your fireworks category fresh and exciting this September Long Weekend…  why not add a few of these fantastic new items to your product line-up?!


Another summer is almost in the record books… and this is sure to be a year that EVERYBODY will remember for years to come!

We can’t thank you – our loyal customers – enough for sticking with us throughout the chaos of the summer.  From COVID-19, to Canada’s mini-fireworks supply crisis, we’ve seen it all in 2020!

It’s unfortunate… but every year at this time, we’re forced to send a quick note to our customers concerning unscrupulous fireworks vendors falsely claiming to represent BLAST-OFF Fireworks.

Over the past month, we have received several phone calls from south-east Saskatchewan and south-east Manitoba, reporting issues with rogue fireworks vendors claiming to be affiliated with BLAST-OFF Fireworks.  These individuals frequently arrive at retail locations with a trailer of “open stock”, and offer to top-up a retailer’s fireworks inventory on behalf of our organization.  This is “not” BLAST-OFF Fireworks!

Don’t be fooled by imposters… here’s how to identify BLAST-OFF Fireworks team members:

  • All BLAST-OFF Fireworks merchandisers will arrive at your retail location in corporately-branded vehicles.
  • All BLAST-OFF Fireworks merchandisers wear company uniforms with corporate logos.
  • Our merchandisers all carry BLAST-OFF Fireworks business cards, complete with our company logo and corporate contact information.
  • BLAST-OFF Fireworks will never arrive unannounced with inventory for your retail location, and we do not carry “open-stock” for unscheduled top-ups on our truck.
  • We will “not” attempt to sell products to you in-store.  All BLAST-OFF Fireworks orders are pre-booked with our team of Sales Associates, and delivered based on pre-determined requirements.
  • All invoices are printed on BLAST-OFF Fireworks letterhead, and these invoices list all of our corporate contact information.
  • Your invoice will arrive complete with a BLAST-OFF branded “Thank You” card affixed to the paperwork.
  • Your orders will always arrive sealed with BLAST-OFF Fireworks-branded security tape.
  • All correspondence from our team – whether on paper or via email – will always contain corporate “BLAST-OFF Fireworks” branding.

For your safety, and the safety of your customers, it is critical to ensure that you are purchasing fireworks from a reputable source – like BLAST-OFF Fireworks.  A few notes:

  1. Some products offered by rogue / independent distributors are not authorized for sale in Canada, and could lead to fines or penalties or fines for your store.
  2. Oftentimes, these rogue distributors do not carry liability insurance to protect your interests, in the event of unforeseen events.
  3. Most importantly, these rogue distributors do not adhere to chain-of-custody requirements for explosives transportation and sale in Canada – they do not keep records of where their inventory arrived from, when it arrived, how it was transported, the weight of each shipment, or who the shipment was sold to.  This information is CRITICAL for warranty issues, product recall announcements, and governmental health & safety audits at your store.

Remember… you are buying EXPLOSIVES when you purchase fireworks!  It’s critical to know what you are purchasing, how much you are purchasing, who you are purchasing it from, and that you are 100% protected in the event of unforeseen events.  The recent crisis in Beirut underlines the need for transparency with explosives.

If you are questioning the authenticity of any individual purporting to represent BLAST-OFF Fireworks, or if you have any questions about the authenticity of your order, please call Mission Control at 1-866-827-4765.


The Canadian Retail Industry continues to be one of the most closely-knit groups of collaborating entrepreneurs in Canada.

BLAST-OFF Fireworks takes pride in being the most proactive and innovative fireworks company in Canada. From our “Guaranteed Sale” terms to our Loan-A-Cabinet™ Fixture Leasing Program, BLAST-OFF Fireworks continues to develop the products, services, and educational materials to allow retailers to maximize category profitability.

Do you know of somebody that BLAST-OFF Fireworks could help??

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