Fireworks are rapidly becoming a YEAR-ROUND business… and we’re expecting STRONG demand this fall thanks to COVID-19.

With a second wave of COVID-19 on the horizon, people are already looking for new and exciting things to do closer to home.  As we approach fall, with cooler temperatures on the horizon, many summer hobbies and recreational options will come to a close… making backyard fireworks a go-to weekend event!

Launch Your Profits with fireworks this fall!  Fireworks are the perfect high-impulse, high-margin items to bolster your bottom line as we head into the tail-end of 2020.

Here are a few upcoming key dates as we approach fall:

Skip the turkey and pass the FIREWORKS!  With COVID-19, many traditional family events will be scaled back or cancelled, leading to new traditions which will undoubtedly include the backyard.  And no backyard celebration is complete without fireworks as a “finale” to the evening!

Who wouldn’t want to blast away the ghouls and goblins with fireworks on Halloween?!  While Halloween fireworks are most popular in British Columbia and Alberta, purchases continue to expand across Canada. This year, we foresee backyard Halloween parties being all-the-rage, as parents elect to keep their children home instead of heading out for Trick-or-Treating.

Guy Fawkes Day is a popular annual tradition in the United Kingdom, which commemorates the downfall of The Gunpowder Plot of 1605. The Gunpowder Plot was lead by a group of Catholic restorationists, aimed at displacing the existing Protestant rule, by destroying the House of Parliament with explosives. Guy Fawkes himself, was arrested before the plan could be successfully executed.

Guy Fawkes Day is largely celebrated in some parts of British Columbia, and Newfoundland and Labrador. Many families in these areas celebrate Guy Fawkes by igniting fireworks and gathering around bonfires in their backyards. A newer name for the holiday is known as “Bonfire Night.”

Diwali is the Hindu festival of lights.  It symbolizes the spiritual “victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance”.  This is celebrated with a variety of rituals, which usually depend, in large part, on one’s location and religion, but typically center around the lighting of candles, electric lights, and fireworks.

If Diwali is a popular celebration within your community, be sure to double-check your fireworks inventory – especially fountains and novelties – before the celebrations begin!

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Check out these COOL new arrivals… just in time for your Fall fireworks top-up!

PLUS… a few old favorites have made a return:

Be sure to keep things new and exciting for your customers by adding these new items to your Fall fireworks order!


Your customers will be looking to blast away the ghouls and goblins this Halloween!  Be sure to stock your retail location with a few of our Halloween favorites this year!

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Looking to reduce your inventories of fireworks as we head into fall?  Just don’t have the space in your store for that “massive” fireworks selection year-round?

BLAST-OFF Fireworks is pleased to offer a year-end inventory buy-back policy on all “Guaranteed Sale” accounts!

Should you wish to liquidate any unsold merchandise heading into the fall, the following tips will ease the process of returning your product for credit:

  1. Click here to contact Mission Control to request your Fireworks Return Kit. This kit will be mailed to your attention via Canada Post, and will contain placards, documentation, courier waybills, and shipping instructions for returning the stock to BLAST-OFF Fireworks.
  2. Remove all “store applied” price labels on items to be returned.  BLAST-OFF applied (white) price labels do not require removal.
  3. Inventory all items being returned, enclosing a copy of the piece-count with your outbound shipment.
  4. Pack all items into approved cardboard boxes.
  5. Schedule the logistics of your product return with Loomis Express by calling 1-855-256-6647.  Loomis Express will transport your return back to the BLAST-OFF Fireworks Distribution Centre!  Remember to well… freight charges for returned merchandise are your responsibility.

Please note that the following items are exempt from our “Guaranteed Sale” program: Folding Dump Bins, Firing Supplies, Glow Products, Party Supplies, Model Rockets, and Smoke Products.

All fireworks must be returned in designated “FIREWORKS” boxes with dangerous goods markings and declarations. Additionally, freight charges incurred through the return of fireworks products are the responsibility of the vendor.

Upon receiving your return, we’ll issue you a credit cheque for all items received in “resaleable” condition… It’s that easy!


The Canadian Retail Industry continues to be one of the most closely-knit groups of collaborating entrepreneurs in Canada.

BLAST-OFF Fireworks takes pride in being the most proactive and innovative fireworks company in Canada. From our “Guaranteed Sale” terms to our Loan-A-Cabinet™ Fixture Leasing Program, BLAST-OFF Fireworks continues to develop the products, services, and educational materials to allow retailers to maximize category profitability.

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There are no limits to the BLAST-OFF Fireworks Client Referral program… refer and be rewarded at your convenience!

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