Planning a community celebration? End the evening with a BLAST!

Community Display

Since the year 2000, BLAST-OFF Fireworks has developed and choreographed some of Western Canada’s most exciting consumer fireworks displays. How can we help to make your event a true success?

BLAST-OFF "Show in a Box" packages contain everything needed for a spectacular fireworks display. These packages emphasize ease-of-ignition and can be ignited by any individual over the age of 18. Every “Show in a Box” contains display instructions, safety tips, a custom firing sequence, and professional ignition devices. Best of all, regular wholesale discounts apply to these packages!

PKGM $500 SHOW-IN-A-BOX Duration: 10 - 12 Minutes
PKGN $750 SHOW-IN-A-BOX Duration: 12 - 15 Minutes
PKGO $1000 SHOW-IN-A-BOX Duration: 15 - 20 Minutes
PKGP $1500 SHOW-IN-A-BOX Duration: 20 - 25 Minutes
PKGQ $2000 SHOW-IN-A-BOX Duration: 25 - 35 Minutes
PKGR $2500 SHOW-IN-A-BOX Duration: 30 - 40 Minutes
PKGS $3000 SHOW-IN-A-BOX Duration: 35 - 45 Minutes
PKGL $4000 SHOW-IN-A-BOX Duration: 45+ Minutes
PKGT $5000 SHOW-IN-A-BOX Duration: 45+ Minutes
PKGF $10000 SHOW-IN-A-BOX Duration: 60+ Minutes


Looking to go custom? Contact BLAST-OFF Fireworks to create a truly customized display filled with your favorite items, colours, and effects. Your display will be fully choreographed to suit any time or budgetary requirements!

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