Do you know what you have in stock, but are completely unsure of what to order? We can help!

To place an AutoPilot order based on existing on-hand inventory levels, simply complete the form below, recording current stock levels in the “On-Hand Quantity” column. Please be sure to record the Item Name and Retail Price (not required).

You can also send Mission Control attachment files along with your on-hand inventory counts. This includes digital photos of your fireworks display shelving, as well as PFD, Excel, and Word-based inventory or sell-through reports. Click the “Browse” or “Choose File” button below to attach your photos and documents.

Be sure to include your top-up budget, desired ship date, and any other specifics you wish to share.

Based on the data reported, a Mission Control Specialist will formulate the optimal inventory top-up, designed to return your fireworks selection to a suitable level. As always, we will keep in touch to confirm the details of your top-up order.