In response to the numerous questions asked by our retail partners and their customers, BLAST-OFF Fireworks has developed a listing of Frequently Asked Questions.

There are three ways to determine how a particular item will perform when ignited. First, check the product packaging for a description of the item’s performance. Second, visit our website at to view product pictures, descriptions, and videos. Finally, you can consult an InfoDOC™ brochure for product definitions and effect listings.

All fireworks sold at your location have been tested by the Government of Canada, and are approved for retail sale to the public.

It is safe to transport up to 75 kg of family fireworks in a passenger vehicle. As a precaution, keep purchased fireworks out of direct sunlight (in the trunk, rear cargo boy, or under the seat).

Provided they are stored in a cool, dry location, fireworks have a very long shelf-life (5-7 years). Do not store fireworks in a sealed plastic container, as plastic prevents the circulation of air, and may trap moisture, causing condensation.

All products sold at Canadian retail locations have been approved for sale to consumers in Canada, and do not require additional licenses for purchase or possession. In order to purchase and use Class 7.2.1 (consumer) fireworks in Canada, one must:

    • Be 18 years of age or order.
    • Follow all instructions for safe use and clean-up.
    • Properly plan and coordinate display activities.

It’s always a good idea to check with your insurance representative to discuss the storage and sale of fireworks on your premise. In nearly all cases, consumer fireworks will not affect your insurance policy rates.

Local municipalities have the ability to enact rules and regulations restricting the time of year in which fireworks can be sold, the quantity of fireworks you can carry at your store, or ban the sale of fireworks in your area. For further details regarding the municipal bylaws or restrictions in your area, contact your local civic office.

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After logging into DataPort, the login box at the top right-hand side of the website will be replaced with the DataPort feature menu.

This menu provides access to all areas of the DataPort system:

    • MY CART - Place your next order electronically and save time! Clicking here displays your item selections.
    • MY ACCOUNT - View recent order history, re-order previous shipments, and contact your BLAST-OFF Fireworks Account Representative, all within a few clicks.
    • PAYMENTS - Save time and cheques, settling your account online with Visa and MasterCard. Need to quickly print an account statement? See the payments page for printing options!
    • AUTOPILOT - Not sure of what to order? Submit your on-hand inventory to Mission Control. Record item numbers, product names, and on-hand quantities to beam this information to Mission Control a top-up order.
    • CLIENT TOOLBOX - The online, media-rich version of The Client Toolbox. You can also request additional paper-based Client Toolbox booklets for your team members!
    • DOWNLOADS - Access exclusive “clients only” downloads including posters, signs, forms, and marketing tools.


After logging into your DataPort account, select “CHOOSE YOUR ROCKETS” from the navigational menu at the top of our website.

This will provide access to the entire BLAST-OFF Fireworks product catalogue. You may select any particular category to navigate through the category contents.

To drill-down and view individual product details, click anywhere on a product’s name, photo, or it’s pricing. This will activate the “product view”.

The “product view” displays a wealth of details about our items, including:

    • Descriptions of each individual product
    • Retail pricing
    • Cost pricing
    • Detailed product contents of family packs and retail assortments
    • High-definition product videos
    • Product details including UPC, case lot, weight, and item dimensions
    • Exclusive BLAST-OFF Fireworks Product Score Card ratings
    • Ability to share links to your favorite products via email and Twitter
    • Ability to print detailed product information sheets.

After adding a specific item to your cart, the system will commit the desired quantity.

From this screen, you can modify the contents of your cart by adjusting committed item quantities, or completely removing an item from the order.

Prefer the pen and paper approach? After preparing your personalized top-up order, relay your request to Mission Control using one of the following methods:

Looking for a fresh order-form? Contact your BLAST-OFF Fireworks sales representative at 1-866-827-4765 or visit the Catalogue Request page.

Not sure what to order? Engage Auto Pilot and leave the work to us! To place an Auto Pilot order based on existing on-hand inventory levels, simply grab a previous BLAST-OFF Fireworks invoice, and record current stock levels in one of the “OH” columns.

Again, after preparing your Autopilot on-hand inventory report, relay your data to mission control using one of the following methods:

Based on the data reported, Mission Control will formulate the optimal inventory top-up, designed to return your fireworks selection to a suitable level. Be sure to report any special requests, including desired budget, or shipping specifics.

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