Remember that most sales transacted with BLAST-OFF Fireworks are on a “Guaranteed Sale” basis. If any product purchased from BLAST-OFF Fireworks does not sell to your satisfaction, return it for a full refund!

    • Products exempt from “Guaranteed Sale” terms include Show-in-a-Box Assortments, Firing Supplies, Glow Products, Confetti Products, Smoke Products, LED Balloons, Model Rockets, and Promotional Products.
    • Transportation charges incurred through the return of merchandise are the responsibility of the customer.
    • BLAST-OFF Fireworks is not responsible for returned merchandise that is damaged in-transit.
    • Returned merchandise must be in saleable condition, free of any "store-applied" price labels and markings. Damaged or non-saleable items will not receive credit, and may be returned to the customer at their expense.
    • Retail prices of items are subject to change without notice.

Should your retail outlet wish to liquidate any unsold merchandise, the following tips will ease the process of product return:

    1. Contact Mission Control to request your BLAST-OFF Fireworks Return Kit. The kit will be mailed to your attention via Canada Post.
    2. The BLAST-OFF Fireworks Return Kit will include:
      • “1.4G Explosive” Labels - Affix one label per box in a prominent location. All fireworks must be returned in designated “FIREWORKS” boxes with dangerous goods markings and declarations.
      • “Shipper’s Declaration Of Dangerous Goods” Forms - Complete the forms in duplicate. Affix one copy of the declaration to the external surface of one return carton, and retain the second copy for your transportation provider.
      • Dangerous Goods Pouch - Used to affix one copy of the “Shippers Declaration of Dangerous Goods” to the external surface of the “primary” (largest) return carton.
      • Courier Waybill - Complete the waybill according to the directions listed on the transportation document.
    3. Remove all “store-applied” price labels.
    4. Inventory all items, enclosing a piece-count with your outbound return.
    5. Schedule the logistics of your product return by calling Mission Control at 1-866-827-4765. We will assist in arranging the pick-up of your merchandise.