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2020– What a Year!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS & THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT! What a year! We're not sure a single sentence could summarize everything we've seen, done, and felt in 2020. It's been a long-haul, and…

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OH SNAP! (Crackle and Boom!?)

OH SNAP! (CRACKLE AND BOOM?!) OH SNAP! COVID-19 looks to be back with a vengeance this fall.  From rising case-counts to retail restrictions and impending lock-downs, we're not out of the woods just…

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Fall / Halloween 2020

BUSY FALL AHEAD! Fireworks are rapidly becoming a YEAR-ROUND business... and we're expecting STRONG demand this fall thanks to COVID-19. With a second wave of COVID-19 on the horizon, people are…

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September Long Weekend

KEEP SUMMER ROLLING! Your calendar might say "August", but there is still plenty of summer left!  With beautiful weather forecast as we progress through this month, we're headed for a spectacular…

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Last Call for August Long Weekend

LAST CALL FOR AUGUST LONG WEEKEND! Remember Canada Day?!  Your store was packed, there was insanity at your cash register, and you totally sold out of fireworks. Don't lose sales this August Long…

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Toilet Paper, Lysol Wipes, and… FIREWORKS?!

TOILET PAPER, LYSOL WIPES, AND... FIREWORKS?! Toilet Paper - We can connect the dots on this one...  During the COVID-19 epidemic, nobody wanted to run out of those precious rolls of fluffy……

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Last Call for Canada Day!

LAST CALL FOR CANADA DAY! Canada Day is right around the corner... Is your retail location ready for the busiest fireworks holiday of the year? THIS WILL BE THE BIGGEST CANADA DAY IN YEARS!  Backyard…

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Canada Day 2020

LAUNCH YOUR PROFITS WITH FIREWORKS THIS CANADA DAY! Backyard fireworks displays will be HUGE this Canada Day...  is your retail store ready for the EXPLOSION in demand? Given recent world events,…

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Victoria Day 2020

ORDER NOW FOR MAY LONG WEEKEND! We're just a few weeks away from the OFFICICAL start of summer... are you ready to LAUNCH YOUR PROFITS this May Long Weekend? This year, May Long Weekend falls a bit…

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We’re Here to Help

PLAIN & SIMPLE... WE'RE HERE TO HELP! With all of the chaos in the world today, we wanted to reach out to you this morning with a simple message: We're here to help! If there is anything that our…

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2020 Program Guide

WHERE WILL 2020 TAKE YOU? Get ready to LAUNCH YOUR PROFITS™ with BLAST-OFF Fireworks in 2020!   The NEW 2020 BLAST-OFF Fireworks Program Guide is officially here, and a complimentary copy should…

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CLAIM YOUR *FREE* UCARWACS SHOW PASS TODAY! Plan to attend the 2020 Convenience UCARWACS show in Toronto on March 3rd and 4th! Don’t miss this opportunity to grow your business, build your sales,…

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