Answer customer questions quickly and efficiently with InfoDOC™, the BLAST-OFF Fireworks educational system which contains topics like:

  • Fireworks History
  • Sequencing a Fireworks Display
  • Permits and Permissions
  • Setting up a Fireworks Display
  • Fireworks Safety
  • Igniting Fireworks
  • Selecting Fireworks
  • Post Show Clean-Up

The InfoDOC literature system comes complete with a literature dispenser and self-serve brochures for distribution to your retail customers.

We recommend placing your InfoDOC™ literature system near your fireworks display, or check-out till. Be sure to stamp or apply a sticker with your store name and address on the front of each brochure!

Looking to refill your InfoDOC? Simply call Mission Control at 1-866-827-4765 to request your InfoDOC™ brochure refill pack.
BLAST-OFF Fireworks