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Client Referrals

Have you received service that is “out of this world”?!

BLAST-OFF Fireworks knows that our best advertising comes from existing clients, who have experienced our personalized customer service first-hand!

As BLAST-OFF Fireworks continues to expand into all parts of Canada, we greatly appreciate business referrals! Best of all, if you share your positive experiences with fellow colleagues, you will be rewarded! For every new client that you refer, you we will reserve a FREE carton of Campfire FX for your store.

There are no limits to the BLAST-OFF Fireworks Client Referral Program… refer and be rewarded at your convenience!

To earn your referral bonus, complete and submit the Client Referral Form below. A Mission Control Specialist will be in touch to discuss the details of your referral, and to arrange delivery of your free carton of Campfire FX!

Referral Form

I would like to refer the following retail outlet to BLAST-OFF Fireworks (please complete):

Fireworks Canada

Fireworks Safety

To ensure your BLAST-OFF Fireworks display goes off without a hitch, appoint one person to be in charge of your display, and 1-to-4 assistants.

  1. Sparklers are the only fireworks items designed to be held in the hand.
  2. Do not smoke or allow open flames near fireworks.
  3. Do not shoot fireworks under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  4. Choose a wide, clear site for firing, away from overhead obstacles and dry grass. If aerials or shells are in use, keep your audience at least 100 meters back from lighting area.
  5. Do not purchase illegal fireworks. These do not meet the strict standards set out by Natural Resources Canada, and are therefore extremely hazardous and dangerous. All legal fireworks are tested and authorized for sale in Canada by the Federal Government.
  6. Prior to use, store fireworks in a cool, dry place. Use caution when positioning fireworks, preventing accidental product damage from dew and ground-level moisture.
  7. Read the instructions on each item. Different items have different firing instructions.
  8. Check the wind direction, and angle your fireworks away from the spectators, about 10 degrees off-of-center. Do not shoot fireworks in high winds.
  9. Do not shoot fireworks out of glass or metal containers. These could crack or explode, sending shards of material outward.
  10. Never attempt to re-light a misfired fireworks item. Keep a bucket of water or hose nearby to extinguish such items. If an item does not light easily, or fizzles out, do not approach the item for 20 minutes.
  11. The shooter and his/her assistants should wear snug-fitting cotton clothing, a cotton baseball hat, cotton gloves, safety goggles, and hearing protection to ensure the safe ignition of a fireworks display.
  12. Do not transport fireworks in your pockets.
  13. Keep pets indoors while shooting fireworks.
  14. Check with your neighbours to ensure that they are okay with your upcoming show.
  15. Be courteous! Do not use fireworks late at night, causing a disturbance for neighbours.
Barrages/Roman Candles

These tube type items should be buried at least one third of their length in sand or soil, with the fuse pointing toward the sky.


Any brick-shaped item should be buried one third of it’s height in sand or soil. Ensure that the sand or soil is compacted around the cake.

Floral Items

Items with a plastic base must be placed on a level surface, pointing straight up to the sky. These items do not need to be buried.


Fountains do not need to be buried, but should be placed on a level surface. Isolate from other fireworks, avoiding accidental cross-ignition.

Fireworks Canada

Receiving Your Order

 Upon receiving your fireworks order, follow the steps below to effortlessly Launch Your Profits!™

    1. Verify that the number of pieces that you are receiving matches the number of pieces declared on all shipping documents. If the number of pieces being received does not correspond with the declared number of parcels, do not accept the shipment.
    2. Examine incoming product for potential shipping damages. Should any issues be discovered, contact Mission Control at 1-866-827-4765. Please note, BLAST-OFF Fireworks requires photographic evidence as proof of damage. Be sure to document any damages with your digital camera and report these within 24 hours of receiving your shipment.
    3. Unpack all merchandise, verifying order accuracy. Again, should you discover a discrepancy in your order, immediately report the issue to Mission Control by calling 1-866-827-4765. Please note that all order discrepancies must be reported within 24 hours of receiving your shipment.
    4. Program fireworks UPC codes into your retail point-of-sale system. Refer to your invoice for a complete listing of item names, retail pricing, and UPC codes (see example below).
    5. Now for the fun part! Display your fireworks in an area free of debris, humidity, heat, and direct sunlight. Be creative with your display, but remember, retail stock should be merchandized according to the storage requirements stipulated by the Explosives Regulatory Division. Surplus stock should be stored in a secure back-room area, within the original box-board shipping containers.

Fireworks Canada


Do you know what you have in stock, but are completely unsure of what to order? We can help!

To place an AutoPilot order based on existing on-hand inventory levels, simply complete the form below, recording current stock levels in the “On-Hand Quantity” column. Please be sure to record the Item Name and Retail Price (not required).

You can also send Mission Control attachment files along with your on-hand inventory counts. This includes digital photos of your fireworks display shelving, as well as PFD, Excel, and Word-based inventory or sell-through reports. Click the “Browse” or “Choose File” button below to attach your photos and documents.

Be sure to include your top-up budget, desired ship date, and any other specifics you wish to share.

Based on the data reported, a Mission Control Specialist will formulate the optimal inventory top-up, designed to return your fireworks selection to a suitable level. As always, we will keep in touch to confirm the details of your top-up order.

Fireworks Canada

Guaranteed Sale

Remember that most sales transacted with BLAST-OFF Fireworks are on a “Guaranteed Sale” basis. If any product purchased from BLAST-OFF Fireworks does not sell to your satisfaction, return it for a full refund!

    • Products exempt from “Guaranteed Sale” terms include Show-in-a-Box Assortments, Firing Supplies, Glow Products, Confetti Products, Smoke Products, Model Rockets, Gender Reveal Products, and Promotional Products.
    • Transportation charges incurred through the return of merchandise are the responsibility of the customer.
    • BLAST-OFF Fireworks is not responsible for returned merchandise that is damaged in-transit.
    • Returned merchandise must be in saleable condition, free of any "store-applied" price labels and markings. Damaged or non-saleable items will not receive credit, and may be returned to the customer at their expense.
    • Retail prices of items are subject to change without notice.

Should your retail outlet wish to liquidate any unsold merchandise, the following tips will ease the process of product return:

    1. Contact Mission Control to request your BLAST-OFF Fireworks Return Kit. The kit will be mailed to your attention via Canada Post.
    2. The BLAST-OFF Fireworks Return Kit will include:
      • Courier Waybill - Complete the waybill according to the directions listed on the transportation document.  Affix this document to the external surface of your "primary" (largest) return carton.
      • Secondary Return Labels - Apply one of these labels to each box being returned, EXCEPT for your "primary" box (which already contains your waybill, as above).  These labels will "link" all pieces being returned to your waybill tracking number, while providing our return address information to Loomis Express.
      • “1.4G Explosive” Labels - Affix one label to each box being returned - in a prominent location. All fireworks must be returned in designated “FIREWORKS” boxes with dangerous goods markings and declarations.  Note that you are NOT required to apply these labels to family packs, where they are already present and visible.
      • "Dangerous Goods Paper" Pouch - Used to affix one copy of the “Shippers Declaration of Dangerous Goods” to the external surface of the “primary” (largest) return carton.
      • “Shipper’s Declaration Of Dangerous Goods” Forms - Complete the forms in duplicate. Enclose one copy of the declaration in the dangerous goods paper pouch, and pass the second copy on to the Loomis Express driver picking up your return.
    3. Remove all “store-applied” price labels.
    4. Inventory all items, enclosing a piece-count with your outbound return.
    5. Schedule the logistics of your product return by calling Mission Control at 1-866-827-4765. We will assist in arranging the pick-up of your merchandise.

Fireworks Canada

Selling Fireworks

Did you know… Your customers are bombarded by over 3,000 advertising messages a day! How can you make your store stand-out through the clutter? How can you successfully increase retail sales while keeping your marketing budget under control?

The key to successful independent retailing is differentiation and creativity! As a retailer, make it your goal to provide a value-added experience for your customers. Put simply, a happy, educated customer is likely to tell other prospective customers about their positive experience!

At BLAST-OFF Fireworks, we have compiled five tips for Launching Your Profits, each of which will be discussed below. Remember, if you need a hand with any aspect of your fireworks program, Mission Control is a quick phone call or click away!



The amount of attention you devote to a particular category at your retail outlet will ultimately determine the success of the product line. This sounds like a simple concept, yet our merchandising team frequently returns to the office with numerous noted maladies from client visits.

At the very basic level, you should view your fireworks category from the customer’s perspective. Ask yourself if your fireworks display is truly customer friendly… would you purchase fireworks from your store, given the way you are promoting or displaying your merchandise?

Key attributes to consider include:

    • LOCATION: Are products positioned in an eye-catching location?
    • VIEW: Can customers access your fireworks display to easily view product?
    • ORGANIZATION: Is the product neatly organized in one central space?
    • PROMOTION: Is your fireworks category properly identified with promotional materials?

At a more advanced level, consider your product mix. Do you have the “right amount” of inventory? A $200 selection of fireworks in your store is not likely to yield the results that you desire, as avid fireworks customers could cause a stock-out with a single purchase!

Furthermore, do you have the “right type” of inventory? If you merchandise only pre-packaged kits at your outlet, are you neglecting an un-tapped market? What happens when your customers start to look for a specific item type that is contained within the family packs?



Ensure that you and your employees are familiar with the fireworks products you are selling!

In Canada, there are 8 major fireworks categories, each producing a unique effect. Learn about each category on the effect and altitude chart below:



Frequently, your customers may not be able to make a firm decision on a specific product, or group of products. The primary alternative is to recommend a pre-packaged assortment that meets their budget and needs. These assortments contain a variety of items, usually focusing on the most popular, top-selling products.

If a customer is not interested in a pre-packaged assortment, or if your store does not stock these items, direct the customer to your loose fireworks selection. While working to establish their expectations and requirements, attempt to understand what your customer is looking for. Specifically:

    • Ask the customer if they are looking for any specific item type. For example, a customer may be looking specifically for Roman Candles or Finale Cakes.
    • Ask the customer if they are looking for a specific colour or effect.

After discussing the customer’s desires, develop a mutual game plan. Begin by pointing out items that might be of interest, explaining as you go. If in doubt, look to the “BLAST-OFF Product Scorecard”. Every product is labelled with the colour, effect, and number of shots produced upon ignition!

There is also a self-serve QR code on every “BLAST-OFF” branded product, that when scanned by a smartphone, will direct your customer to videos and value-added content.

When a customer cannot decide what item to purchase, and you have run of out of items to recommend, just remember CATS: CAKES ARE TOP SELLERS!

Quite simply, cakes provide the best bang for the consumer dollar!



Get people talking about your fireworks selection! We’ve developed a few items that can form a starting point for adding excitement to your fireworks offering:

Purchase Freebies

Everybody loves freebies! Why not create an incentive program that rewards people based on the volume of fireworks purchased? The rewards do not have to be large, and could follow a schedule similar to below:

    • $0-$25: Free Sparklers
    • $25-$50: Free Roman Candle
    • $50-$100: Free Floral Shell
    • $100+: Free Small Finale Cake

Remember that free rewards are perceived at “retail value”, as your customers do not know your actual product cost (which is far less than retail!). Free items are also much more powerful than discounts, as customers perceive the items to be personal “gifts”, creating a memorable purchasing experience.

Community Sponsorships

Looking to make a promotional “SPLASH” in your community? It’s easy to be a Hometown Hero… simply sponsor a community fireworks extravaganza!

BLAST-OFF Fireworks specializes in providing choreographed community displays for any budget. These packages emphasize ease of ignition, while providing maximum visual appeal for any audience.

All consumer fireworks packages offered by BLAST-OFF Fireworks are subject to regular wholesale discounts, and come complete with ignition flares, a custom firing sequence and instructions, and an educational handbook designed to ensure that your display is a complete success!

Sponsoring a community fireworks display costs your organization absolutely nothing (you can provide the show “at cost” to a local community group, with no expense to you), and it:

    • Provides invaluable word-of-mouth marketing and publicity.
    • Levers your marketing efforts. How many other ways can you receive FREE marketing in your community?
    • Positions your store at the "fireworks specialist" in your community, generating exponential fireworks sales!

Buy 2 Get 1 Free Specials

Customers love specials… You should too! Although the margins earned on loss leaders can be slim, they create an invaluable marketing advantage. Loss leaders drive traffic to your store, create new (and lasting) relationships, and increase basket size. The goal of a loss leader is to offset the cost of an incentivized product through new customer generation and volume sales. Why not price one high-volume product at Buy 2 Get 1 Free this weekend?!



Be sure that your staff are familiar with the following sales regulations and protocols:

    • Customers should not handle fireworks until after their sale is transacted.
    • Purchasers of fireworks must be 18 years of age or older.
    • Purchasers of fireworks must be of a "sane and sober" mind.
    • Customers that appear to be under 18 years-of-age must provide a valid photo I.D. Click HERE for examples of valid photo I.D.
    • If in doubt... do not sell! Staff and corporations selling fireworks to minors can be charged under the Explosives Act of Canada.

Fireworks Canada

Re–Ordering Stock

It’s been a great month! The weather has co-operated, store traffic is up, and fireworks sales have been spectacular! There’s only one problem… your fireworks display is looking a bit empty.

Over the busy summer months, the average BLAST-OFF Fireworks client will place between one and four inventory top-up orders. Maintaining a wide variety of fireworks products increases customer interest and promotes repeat purchases. We recommend that retailers review fireworks inventories on a bi-weekly basis.

Remember that fireworks are not just a seasonal summer item! It is just as important to maintain adequate fireworks availability in the fall and winter months, promoting impulse customer purchases.

When selecting items to re-order, remember that, “Variety is the Spice of Life”. Retail customers appreciate the ability to choose from a vast selection of products with differing colours, effects, and display lengths.

There are three elements to keep in mind when selecting your optimal fireworks top-up:



Regardless of the season, it is imperative to stock a variety of fireworks types at every price point. While emphasis should be placed on low-to-medium priced fireworks products, retailers are encouraged to merchandise a select number of higher-priced finale products. Merchandising a wide variety of item types and price points will increase customer purchase size, while serving all potential customer segments.


When re-ordering stock for your retail outlet, be sure to check your calendar! Plan ahead for special events and holidays in your community.

Key fireworks selling dates are listed here:

    • JANUARY: New Years
    • MAY: Victoria Day
    • JUNE: Father's Day
    • JULY: Canada Day, Independence Day
    • AUGUST: Civic Holiday
    • SEPTEMBER: Labour Day
    • OCTOBER: Halloween, Diwali
    • NOVEMBER: Guy Fawkes Day, Diwali
    • DECEMBER: Christmas, Boxing Day


When formulating your top-up order, remember to factor in delivery lead-times. The map below lists typical delivery times in “business days” by geographic location. Please add 1 – 2 days of additional transit time for beyond-point locations.

Please note that “Beyond Point” shipping charges may be assessed for orders traveling to remote destinations. Additionally, unless otherwise specified, BLAST-OFF Fireworks is not responsible for tailgate and/or carry-in charges for deliveries.

Custom Planogram Design

Looking to take full advantage of your retail space when merchandising fireworks?

Have BLAST-OFF Fireworks prepare the optimal planogram for your retail shelving and fixture configuration. We can provide complete planogram recommendations for existing shelving units, or new fixtures to be installed within your retail outlet. Best of all, we can work with an assortment of Family Packs, loose products, or a combination of the two!

Contact Mission Control today to take advantage of this time-saving service!

Contact Us >>

Fireworks Canada


In response to the numerous questions asked by our retail partners and their customers, BLAST-OFF Fireworks has developed a listing of Frequently Asked Questions.

There are three ways to determine how a particular item will perform when ignited. First, check the product packaging for a description of the item’s performance. Second, visit our website at to view product pictures, descriptions, and videos. Finally, you can consult an InfoDOC™ brochure for product definitions and effect listings.

All fireworks sold at your location have been tested by the Government of Canada, and are approved for retail sale to the public.

It is safe to transport up to 75 kg of family fireworks in a passenger vehicle. As a precaution, keep purchased fireworks out of direct sunlight (in the trunk, rear cargo boy, or under the seat).

Provided they are stored in a cool, dry location, fireworks have a very long shelf-life (5-7 years). Do not store fireworks in a sealed plastic container, as plastic prevents the circulation of air, and may trap moisture, causing condensation.

All products sold at Canadian retail locations have been approved for sale to consumers in Canada, and do not require additional licenses for purchase or possession. In order to purchase and use Class 7.2.1 (consumer) fireworks in Canada, one must:

    • Be 18 years of age or order.
    • Follow all instructions for safe use and clean-up.
    • Properly plan and coordinate display activities.

It’s always a good idea to check with your insurance representative to discuss the storage and sale of fireworks on your premise. In nearly all cases, consumer fireworks will not affect your insurance policy rates.

Local municipalities have the ability to enact rules and regulations restricting the time of year in which fireworks can be sold, the quantity of fireworks you can carry at your store, or ban the sale of fireworks in your area. For further details regarding the municipal bylaws or restrictions in your area, contact your local civic office.

I am text block. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

After logging into DataPort, the login box at the top right-hand side of the website will be replaced with the DataPort feature menu.

This menu provides access to all areas of the DataPort system:

    • MY CART - Place your next order electronically and save time! Clicking here displays your item selections.
    • MY ACCOUNT - View recent order history, re-order previous shipments, and contact your BLAST-OFF Fireworks Account Representative, all within a few clicks.
    • PAYMENTS - Save time and cheques, settling your account online with Visa and MasterCard. Need to quickly print an account statement? See the payments page for printing options!
    • AUTOPILOT - Not sure of what to order? Submit your on-hand inventory to Mission Control. Record item numbers, product names, and on-hand quantities to beam this information to Mission Control a top-up order.
    • CLIENT TOOLBOX - The online, media-rich version of The Client Toolbox. You can also request additional paper-based Client Toolbox booklets for your team members!
    • DOWNLOADS - Access exclusive “clients only” downloads including posters, signs, forms, and marketing tools.


After logging into your DataPort account, select “CHOOSE YOUR ROCKETS” from the navigational menu at the top of our website.

This will provide access to the entire BLAST-OFF Fireworks product catalogue. You may select any particular category to navigate through the category contents.

To drill-down and view individual product details, click anywhere on a product’s name, photo, or it’s pricing. This will activate the “product view”.

The “product view” displays a wealth of details about our items, including:

    • Descriptions of each individual product
    • Retail pricing
    • Cost pricing
    • Detailed product contents of family packs and retail assortments
    • High-definition product videos
    • Product details including UPC, case lot, weight, and item dimensions
    • Exclusive BLAST-OFF Fireworks Product Score Card ratings
    • Ability to share links to your favorite products via email and Twitter
    • Ability to print detailed product information sheets.

After adding a specific item to your cart, the system will commit the desired quantity.

From this screen, you can modify the contents of your cart by adjusting committed item quantities, or completely removing an item from the order.

Prefer the pen and paper approach? After preparing your personalized top-up order, relay your request to Mission Control using one of the following methods:

Looking for a fresh order-form? Contact your BLAST-OFF Fireworks sales representative at 1-866-827-4765 or visit the Catalogue Request page.

Not sure what to order? Engage Auto Pilot and leave the work to us! To place an Auto Pilot order based on existing on-hand inventory levels, simply grab a previous BLAST-OFF Fireworks invoice, and record current stock levels in one of the “OH” columns.

Again, after preparing your Autopilot on-hand inventory report, relay your data to mission control using one of the following methods:

Based on the data reported, Mission Control will formulate the optimal inventory top-up, designed to return your fireworks selection to a suitable level. Be sure to report any special requests, including desired budget, or shipping specifics.

Contact Us

Looking for additional information? Please complete the form below to send your questions to Mission Control.

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Fireworks Canada

The Launch Pad

Published quarterly, The Launch Pad contains new product announcements, information on promotions and product clear-outs, updates on Canadian Fireworks regulations, and other important fireworks information.

Sent directly to your e-mail inbox, The Launch Pad is the most convenient way to remain current with the latest happenings at BLAST-OFF Fireworks!

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Subscribe to the LaunchPad™

To receive your complimentary subscription to The Launch Pad, simply complete the activation form below!

Please note: Subscription to The Launch Pad client newsletter is exclusive to BLAST-OFF Fireworks clients and a registered client number is required for subscription. Your BLAST-OFF Fireworks Client Number can be found at the top right corner of your monthly account statement. If you are unsure of your client number, please call Mission Control at 1-866-827-4765.

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