When selecting fireworks for your retail location, remember to stock the "right products", at the "right prices", in the "right quantities". Be sure to consider:

  • VARIETY - Retail customers appreciate choice – both in terms of item type and price.  Merchandising a variety of fireworks types and price-points will increase customer purchase size and appeal to a wider range of customers.  Remember that the popularity of “Fireworks Kits” has exploded over the past few years…  this category should receive a heavy weighting in your inventory selection.
  • BUDGET - Concerned with inventory carrying costs?  No problem…  we keep in touch on a regular basis and can support “Just-in-Time” inventory replenishment!  Additional inventory is one quick “call” or “click” away.
  • TIME - Remember to keep an eye on your calendar, planning ahead for special events and holidays.

 Click here to print our Master Price Guide to assist in the selection of your rockets, or click any of the product categories below for further information.


  • Family Packs & Loose Items

  • Family Packs Only

  • Community Displays

  • Loose Items


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