The ultimate reference manual for every Canadian fireworks retailer! Published annually, The Client Toolbox contains invaluable merchandising tips, sales tutorials, promotional strategies, and updates on Canadian Fireworks Regulations.

Topics covered in The Client Toolbox™ include:
    • Tips for Receiving your Order
    • Safe Fireworks Storage
    • Selling Fireworks Profit Tips
    • Re-Ordering Information
    • Return Information
    • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Fireworks Safety

Want to be known as the “Fireworks Specialists” in your hometown? Take time to review the useful information contained within The Client Toolbox™. Don’t have time to be an expert? Choose a younger staff member to review the information and fill the role in your store! The Client Toolbox™ has information that is useful to retailers just beginning to sell fireworks, as well as those retailers that have been carrying fireworks for years.

Included free with every order, the Client Toolbox makes a great fireworks training guide for retail and management personnel.

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