Our packaging makes it fun and easy to sell fireworks at your retail location! Check out these FREE value-added features and tools, available to all BLAST-OFF Firework customers:

QR Codes

From innovative product features, to educational literature and multimedia tools, BLAST-OFF Fireworks knows how to “Fuel the Excitement” with your fireworks category!

All “BLAST-OFF” branded products are equipped with Quick Response codes. Scanning these QR codes with any smartphone instantly displays product information on your custom’s mobile device!.

From effect descriptions, to BLAST-OFF Product Score Card™ ratings and high-definition product videos, your customers have everything they need to make an informed fireworks purchase.

Best of all, QR codes are 100% customer self-serve, and do not require any investment in time or technology on your part!

Download a quick response (QR Code) scanning app on your mobile phone:

Score Card™️

Designed to arm your retail staff with knowledge, the BLAST-OFF Product Score Card™ displays an objective evaluation of a product’s most important attributes. Think of the Product Score Card™ as our version of a “Nutritional Facts” table for fireworks!

Located on every BLAST-OFF Fireworks product, each Product Score Card™ contains information on the product’s altitude, duration, noise level, value, tempo, colors, shot count, effect shape, effect height, and run-time. Best of all, the information is depicted in a centrally located – and easy to understand – graphical format.