RocketVision 2.0 is designed to be a digital salesperson that constantly promotes your fireworks category. Simply place a video display near your fireworks section, insert the RocketVision 2.0 DVD, and get ready to “Launch Your Profits”!

RocketVision 2.0 instantly displays continuous promotional loops to your customers, using crisp graphics and fluent animation.

Best of all, RocketVision™ is free for all BLAST-OFF Fireworks clients. To request your copy of RocketVision™, simply call 1-866-827-4765 and speak with your Account Representative.

Using RocketVision

General Operation
    1. Insert RocketVision™ into your DVD player.
    2. Ensure that your DVD player is set to display output at a 16:9 (wide) output ratio. Depending on the make of your DVD player, this feature may be found in the "Setup", "Menu", or "Display" options of your DVD player settings.
    3. Adjust the volume on your television to an appropriate level.
General Navigation
    1. Use the directional arrow buttons on your DVD player remote control to navigate between the menu items. Your active menu selection will be indicated by an orange dot or border.
    2. Press "Enter", "Select", or "OK" to explore or view a menu item.
    3. Return to the main RocketVision™ title-screen at any time by pressing the "Title" button on your DVD player remote control. The small arrow in the lower-right corner of the screen will also deliver you to the previous menu.

RocketVision Request

To receive your copy of RocketVision, simply complete the activation form below!