Can’t think of a good location to “Stow Your Cargo” at your retail location? Need a hand perfecting your fireworks merchandising strategy? Try a Loan-A-Cabinet™ display fixture, available exclusively from BLAST-OFF Fireworks!

Loan-A-Cabinet™ display fixtures are a quick and economical merchandising alternative for any retail location. Plus… these display fixtures meet all of the Canadian fireworks storage standards discussed above.

The BLAST-OFF Fireworks Loan-A-Cabinet™ display system is the most innovative fireworks fixture program in Canada!

Our attractive storage solutions feature a powder-coated finish, and most options arrive complete with full-colour, eye-catching “FIREWORKS” decals. Not only will these fixtures meet all Canadian fireworks storage standards, they are sure to boost in-store customer interest and impulse sales!

Best of all… all Loan-A-Cabinet storage solutions are provided at no cost to our retail partners! Up-front fixture deposits are fully refundable, should you choose to return your merchandising system to BLAST-OFF Fireworks.

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Fireworks are high-impulse items, and product presentation makes a HUGE difference in the success of your fireworks category! Remember to consider:

    • LOCATION - Are fireworks products positioned in an eye-catching location?
    • VIEW - Can customers easily view your fireworks selection?
    • ORGANIZATION - Is your fireworks selection neatly organized in one central location?
    • PROMOTION - Is your fireworks selection identified with point-of-sale marketing materials?
    • SAFETY - Consider how you will be storing your fireworks, where they will be stored, and the amount of product you intend to merchandise. Here are a few safety requirements to keep in mind when “Stowing Your Cargo”:


  • Consult with your local municipality or fire prevention office to verify municipal storage requirements prior to merchandising fireworks.
  • Ensure that fireworks are displayed in a manner which prevents public access to loose products. Only Family Packs may be merchandised without restricting public access. All Family Packs on display must be constructed completely of cardboard packaging material.
  • Loose fireworks items must be stored in a way that prevents fire from spreading rapidly from one lot to the next. Segregated into lots of 25kg or less, appropriate locations for display include: behind-the-counter shelving, glass showcase displays, closed display cabinets, or any other retail area that is not directly accessible to retail customers.
  • Post a "NO SMOKING" sign near the display area.
  • Ensure that your retail outlet satisfies Workplace Health and Safety regulations pertaining to unobstructed emergency exits.
  • Install a suitable ABC fire extinguisher in your retail outlet.
  • Verify that the purchasers of fireworks are 18 years of age of older.

Not Recommended

  • Merchandising illegal or unapproved fireworks articles.
  • Storing in excess of 1000 kg of consumer fireworks at your retail outlet (this amount is reduced to 100gm at locations with attached dwellings).  Note that in 2023, it is proposed that retailers shall be permitted to store up to 2000kg of fireworks at any retail outlet, provided that no more than 1000kg is displayed on the retail floor (1000kg may be stored in a back warehouse area).
  • Storing fireworks in retail lots greater than 25 kg.
  • Storing fireworks with other dangerous goods including paint, propane cylinders, or cooking oil.
  • Displaying fireworks in areas of direct sunlight or direct heat.
  • Permitting minors to purchase or handle retail fireworks.

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