In establishing an account with BLAST-OFF Fireworks, you (“The Customer”) agree to the following terms, conditions, and statements: The sale of fireworks is restricted to persons 18 years of age or older. Fireworks should be displayed and stored according to regulations stipulated by Natural Resources Canada. By signing this document, The Customer acknowledges that they may not store upwards of 1000kg of consumer fireworks in / at their retail location without a federal license. The Customer also understands that if a residential dwelling is attached to their retail location, they are restricted to storing less than 100kg of consumer fireworks on-site. While BLAST-OFF Fireworks may provide assistance with the interpretation of provincial / municipal fireworks regulations, The Customer is responsible for ensuring that the sale of fireworks is permitted within their trading area, and for attaining any necessary permits and permissions to sell fireworks, if applicable. BLAST-OFF Fireworks is not responsible for stolen or damaged items in any retail setting. BLAST-OFF Fireworks reserves the right to utilize the common carrier of its choice in the transportation of Customer orders. Orders in-excess of regional order minimums qualify for free shipping to the Customer’s address – please visit for information on order minimums by region. Please note that “Beyond Point” shipping charges may be assessed for orders traveling to remote destinations and/or regions serviced by any mode of transport other than road. Should “Beyond Point” charges be applicable, the Customer will be notified prior to order departure. Additionally, BLAST-OFF Fireworks cannot warranty any posted delivery deadlines for orders transiting to remote destinations and / or regions serviced by any mode of transport other than road.  Unless otherwise specified, BLAST-OFF Fireworks is not responsible for tailgate, carry-in, or other unloading charges related to delivery. In the unlikely event of transportation damage or product shortage, the Customer must report all claims within 24-hours of receiving their shipment – proof of loss (digital photographs or return of damaged items) will be requested from The Customer. All sales are conducted on a “Guaranteed Sale” basis – unless declared in writing by BLAST-OFF Fireworks – and merchandise may be returned without restocking fees. Products exempt from “Guaranteed Sale” terms include: Show-in-a-Box Assortments, Firing Supplies, Glow Products, Confetti Products, Smoke Products, Model Rockets, Gender Reveal Products, and Promotional Products. Transportation charges incurred through the return of merchandise are the responsibility of The Customer. BLAST-OFF Fireworks is not responsible for returned merchandise that is stolen / damaged in-transit. Returned merchandise must be in saleable condition, free of “store-applied” price labels and markings.  Damaged, non-saleable, and non-returnable items will not receive credit and may be returned to The Customer at their expense. The price and availability of items is subject to change without notice. BLAST-OFF Fireworks reserves the right to provide substitute items. BLAST-OFF Fireworks retains title to delivered product until payment of account is received. Payment terms for every purchase are “Net 30 Days” unless otherwise provided in writing by BLAST-OFF Fireworks. The customer agrees to pay an interest rate of 1% per month on any balance exceeding the above dating terms. The Customer authorizes BLAST-OFF Fireworks, or its affiliates and service vendors – at their discretion – to automatically charge delinquent account balances to the primary credit card provided above. The Customer agrees to pay all costs of collection or legal fees connected with this account, should such action be necessary due to non-payment, including a $50 fee for any N.S.F. / Dishonored Cheque. For the purposes of establishing credit limits, the Customer provides consent to BLAST-OFF Fireworks, or its affiliates and service vendors, to obtain credit reports or other information pertaining to their personal or business finances from any individual / business entity applying for a credit account. Personal Guarantee:  As the Primary Account Signatory, I declare that I am personally responsible and liable for payment of all goods supplied by BLAST-OFF Fireworks. I also acknowledge that I have the legal authority to bind the above organization to contractual agreements within the country and territory in which I operate. These terms and conditions govern every transaction conducted between BLAST-OFF Fireworks and the Customer and are subject to change at the sole discretion of BLAST-OFF Fireworks. Updates to these terms and conditions will be provided online at, and may be requested in other formats by calling 1-866-827-4765. Form Version: 23.1.