Guaranteed Sale

Remember that most sales transacted with BLAST-OFF Fireworks are on a “Guaranteed Sale” basis. If any product purchased from BLAST-OFF Fireworks does not sell to your satisfaction, return it for a full refund!

Should your retail outlet wish to liquidate any unsold merchandise, the following tips will ease the process of product return:

  1. Contact Mission Control to request your BLAST-OFF Fireworks Return Kit. The kit will be mailed to your attention via Canada Post.
  2. The BLAST-OFF Fireworks Return Kit will include:
    1. “1.4G Explosive” Labels - Affix one label per box in a prominent location. All fireworks must be returned in designated “FIREWORKS” boxes with dangerous goods markings and declarations.
    2. “Shipper’s Declaration Of Dangerous Goods” Forms - Complete the forms in duplicate. Affix one copy of the declaration to the external surface of one return carton, and retain the second copy for your transportation provider.
    3. Dangerous Goods Pouch - Used to affix one copy of the “Shippers Declaration of Dangerous Goods” to the external surface of the “primary” (largest) return carton.
    4. Courier Waybill - Complete the waybill according to the directions listed on the transportation document.
  3. Remove all “store-applied” price labels.
  4. Inventory all items, enclosing a piece-count with your outbound return.
  5. Schedule the logistics of your product return by calling Mission Control at 1-866-827-4765. We will assist in arranging the pick-up of your merchandise.

Return Guidelines

  • Products exempt from "Guaranteed Sale" terms include Glow Products and Campfire Products.
  • Transportation charges incurred through the return of merchandise are the responsibility of the customer.
  • BLAST-OFF Fireworks is not responsible for returned merchandise that is damaged in-transit.
  • Returned merchandise must be in saleable condition, free of any "store-applied" price labels and markings. Damaged or non-saleable items will not receive credit, and may be returned to the customer at their expense.
  • Retail prices of items are subject to change without notice.

Returned Merchandise should be addressed to:

BLAST-OFF Fireworks
Attention: Merchandise Returns
609 Greenwood Avenue
Selkirk, MB  R1A 2B3
BLAST-OFF Fireworks