Product Glossary

We know learning the intricacies of every product you sell can be difficult! To help you in the sale of your fireworks, we have crafted this simple glossary of items and terms frequently used to describe fireworks products.

Roman Candles

Small or medium diameter tube items that emit multiple shots of individual flaming stars.
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Medium or large diameter tube items that emit a large number of rapidly fired stars and advanced effects.
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Sound Shells

Single shot items that produce a very loud noise.
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Low-level items that emit showers of sparks, similar to a volcano.
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Vertical Cakes

Multi-tube items designed with rapid-firing aerials. Cakes emit a broad range of effects, all with dazzling power.
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Angled Cakes

Cakes constructed with angled tubes, providing a wider firing pattern. Exciting finale items with slightly lower effects than vertical cakes.
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Emit showers of sparks. The only fireworks designed to be held.
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Firing Systems

Devices designed to air in fireworks ignition.
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