Fireworks Storage

Protocols pertaining to the safe storage of Family Fireworks in Canada are administered by the Explosives Regulatory Division. Over the past number of years, the Explosives Regulatory Division has refined standards pertaining to family fireworks storage, and has recently released Bulletin 51, a plain-language explanation of regulatory requirements.

A summary of the do’s and dont’s contained within Bulletin 51 is as follows:


  • Consult with your local municipality or fire prevention office to verify municipal storage requirements prior to merchandising fireworks.
  • Ensure that fireworks are displayed in a manner which prevents public access to loose product. Family packs, blister packs, or shrink wrapped items, however, may be merchandised without restricting public access.
  • Loose fireworks items must be stored in such a way as to prevent fire from spreading rapidly from one lot to the next.
  • Good areas for displaying loose fireworks products include:
    • Shelving areas behind your retail checkout.
    • In a locked display cabinet.
    • On a high product display shelf in your retail store.
    • In a BLAST-OFF Fireworks Loan-A-Cabinet™ display unit.
  • Post a "NO SMOKING" sign near the display area.
  • Ensure that your retail outlet satisfies Workplace Health and Safety regulations pertaining to unobstructed emergency exits.
  • Install a suitable ABC fire extinguisher in your retail setting.
  • Verify that the purchasers of fireworks are 18 years of age of older.


  • Merchandising illegal or unapproved fireworks articles.
  • Storing in excess of 1000 kg of consumer fireworks at your retail outlet.
  • Storing fireworks in retail lots greater than 25 kg.
  • Storing fireworks with other dangerous goods like paint, propane cylinders, or cooking oil.
  • Displaying fireworks in areas of direct sunlight or direct heat.
  • Permitting minors to purchase or handle retail fireworks.

Click here to view Bulletin 51.

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