Fireworks Effects

Today’s fireworks can range from single-shot effects, to complex combinations of multiple burst, trail, and glitter effects. The section below outlines some of the most common burst and effect patterns found in Canadian fireworks.

Chrysanthemum - A perfectly shaped spherical burst of tailed stars, very much like a flower. Chrysanthemum bursts are usually found in large floral shells and cakes.
Comet - A large flaming projectile which produces a bushy, shimmering tail as it rises. Many roman candles and floral shells exhibit comet tail effects.
Crossette - A set of comets that split into diverging trails as they cascade and fill the sky. Crossettes are a rare effect, usually found in large floral shells.
Flying Fish - Stars which wiggle and swim away from a central burst in a silent mesmeric dance. Look for flying fish in your favorite cakes and floral shells.
Glitter - A constant spray of shimmering and twinkling sparks. Fountains are best known for their beautiful glitter effects.
Willow / Palm - Bright arms of cascading sparks, shaped to permeate outward like the branches of a palm tree. Palm bursts are found in floral shells and cakes.
Pearls - A set of bright glowing orbs that do not leave a trail as they rise in the sky. Pearls are frequently found in roman candles, barrages, and cakes.
Peony - A perfectly expanding sphere of stars. Peony bursts are usually found in large floral shells, brazilian tubes and cakes.
Spinner - An aerial effect that is created by a whirling projectile. Spinners may produce a screeching effect. Look for spinners in barrages and cakes.
Stars - Glowing, flaming ball of coloured or crackling light accompanied by narrow tracer trails. Stars are found in roman candles and barrages.
Strobe - A brightly flickering or flashing light in the sky or on the ground. Strobe effects may be found in novelties, cakes, and large floral shells.

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